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Meddlesome Gym Staff and a Sad Lack of Sp00kiness

Why won't the trainers at the gym leave me alone? The guy I'd been working with a couple months ago is not the primary perpetrator. He's usually just supportive and friendly. Yet, I have had at least 4 other gym staff and trainers try to "help me" in the last two weeks.

Yesterday I was standing there looking for a place to do some clean and press, and I was descended on by not one, but two trainers who wanted to help me come up with something other than clean and press because "those are really tough." Look, I pay my dues and I've signed the damn waiver. Kindly go away and let me lift heavy things now.

Looking around at how few women are in there using free weights, I am inclined to come to the uncomfortable conclusion that there's some sexist element at work here, either conscious or unconscious. I'd love to hear alternate explanations, though.

While I'm complaining, lemme also complain about the lack of Halloweenage this year. I swear, only a few years ago many popular magazines put out issues wholly or in part dedicated to Halloween celebrations. This year I've only seen a half-hearted attempt by the usually reliable Martha Stewart (who could forget that issue in… 2000, was it? where she was made up just like Siouxsie. Good times.)

And I'm pretty sure bookstores used to have displays of Halloween books and trinkets, but not so much this year. Do malls still have big temporary stores open up for the month of October? I haven't been in one in ages.

Well, as my small attempt to bring the creepy, I will keep on posting a potpourri of appropriate links between now and the day. Try and stop me.

I may have posted this last year, but either way, it's a nifty site: Victorian Halloween

And while we're on the topic of vintage, this blog is a good place for a dose of Halloween nostalgia of the past century.

Bleah. Have much work to do. More tomorrow, perhaps.

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