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More Fitness Questions

The personal trainer has served several purposes, not least of which is motivating me to get to the gym often. However, he is pricey, and I think he is starting to sort of cramp my style a bit. I find myself not wanting to experiment and try new machines, etc., because the trainer doesn't use machines, and instead has me mostly doing odd stuff with an aerobic step, a body ball and some small weights that are complicated and kind of require assistance and spotting. Almost as if he doesn't want me to develop an exercise routine that I can do on my own...

So I'll be ditching the trainer soon. And my questions to you all are: what do you actually do in the gym? Are there machines you like? Do you work your whole body each time you go in, or do you do some kind of split? Only cardio one day, then only weights the next? And, can anyone point me to good web resources for building routines?

I'm trying to approach this as a new hobby, in order to keep it interesting to myself, and not like a tedious chore. So any thoughts or suggestions you could offer would be tremendously helpful.


Aug. 30th, 2005 05:32 pm (UTC)
Great input, hon, especially regarding antagonist muscles. I learned all about that in massage school, but when thinking about exercise, I'd just forgotten all about it!

The rest days are the thing that keeps messing me up. I'm never entirely sure what the trainer is gonna have me do on days when I see him, so I am always trying to do the math about what to work on Day 1, so that muscle group gets a day of rest before Trainer Day, but I also have to be sure I have a day to get to muscle group B... it's terribly confusing for me.



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