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Fitness question

Several servers are down here today, so I can't do much work. And that makes it harder to resist eating things that are way off the diet. I think Mondays are the hardest for that, maybe.

Which reminds me... how many of you folks have a regular exercise plan? I know I need to set up a structure for that sort of thing, but with work and home ownership and a dozen other priorities, it feels almost impossible to do much more than a few stretches when I happen to think of it. To hear the experts tell it, anything less than 30 minutes of aerobic exercise, at least 3 or 4 times a week is tantamount to slow suicide. An hour every single day is much better, they say. Ack.

Who really does that? Do all of you actually do that, and I just don't know about it? I mean, I sometimes think I must be in the top 10% of the sedintary.

I was doing pretty well there at Curves for about 6 months (and losing weight really fast) but then I found out that Curves is owned by an extreme anti-choice homophobe, so I had no choice but to quit or seriously comprimise my values.

Now what? I really hate traditional gyms. But it looks like I'm headed for Gold's anyway, because I can't think of any other good solutions. Any advice regarding better gym environmets or exercise programs would be greatly appreciated.


Aug. 1st, 2005 08:10 pm (UTC)
I totally understand this. I didn't work out for years because I was too self-conscious. My first day with my trainer, we had to stop after very little exercise and he had to take me outside because I thought I was going to puke. It was humiliating. But after I'd seen him two or three times, I heard through the grapevine that he'd told someone that while I wasn't in very good shape, I was the most TENACIOUS client he had, and that he was incredibly impressed at the way I kept coming back.
So, I decided to make that the important thing. I couldn't quite convince myself that the other people in the gym weren't looking at me (hey, when I'm on the treadmill I look around too) but I decided that instead of secretly laughing at me, they were secretly impressed at my hard word.

Not telling you that you should do it if you're uncomfortable, just sharing the way I changed my mindset to make it work.

Maybe when I visit I can show you the "five in five" exercise I did every night for a year, and will do again when my headache goes away. It really got me into shape, and eventually only takes five minutes (that's the second five in the title).



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