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Harping on Gay Marriage

I'm in an indescribably weird place today. So very weird. So instead of posting any of the half dozen or so thoughts about my life and relationships that I've been considering, I'll drastically shift the focus, and talk about world politics. Seems like a good solution, the personal being political and all.

Recently, a religious leader in Spain made a statement that, since the legalization of same sex marriage, the definition of marriage as the union between a man and woman is "no longer provided for in our laws."

This makes my head spin with it's falseness. Sure, people lie all the time about things they can obfuscate. You can lie about the details of how something went down, or you can lie about your motivations, because these are things that can't be demonstrated as false. But when you point at a black object as say "this object is white" it's gonna make people question your sanity.

I'm very interested in why this turn of events has brought out such astonishing, bold-faced statements of untruth. Everywhere I look, I see intelligent, adult, presumably sane people stating that giving legal rights to same sex couples erodes the rights of opposite sex couples, in the total absence of evidence to that effect. I have got to wonder what I'm missing. I'm eager for some explanation.

Here's full disclosure: I do suspect that this is just an extreme case of the privileged resisting the loss of special status. I mean, that's the assumption I have to work from. You know, "You People may have arranged things so that we can't beat you to death with impunity any more, but we're damned if we'll let you have full legal rights." However, I am genuinely curious to hear alternate explanations. Given that there is so much conflict around this issue, it seems like there's got to be some reasoned arguments on the opposite side. But I have yet to hear any.


Jul. 6th, 2005 04:57 am (UTC)
Gay and Married
Beck and I go through a lot of crap over being married. Not only is it only legal in those states that allow it, Mass, it is not taken seriously by the general public. The attitude is sort of like "All look isn't that cute! The lesbians are playing married." A contract sounds all well and good but if outside parties don't recognize said contracts then we still don't have equal rights as het couples. For example, if one of my immediate family dies Beck is not allowed time of to attend the funeral with me. If I were to become ill enough to need her to stay home a day or two from work then she's not allowed. I can't be on her health insurance policy at work because the insurance company charges more for same sex couples. I currently pay 375 a month for insurance because I work for a non-profit that can't afford to pay for my insurance. Filing taxes is different for us. We are legally married in Mass but not allowed to file jointly because the federal taxes have to be separate. Believe me joint state taxes would have saved us a bundle on the sale of our house. I think that the observation of het couples wanting to feel like they get special stuff for being "normal" is accuarate. I also feel the discrmination is far worse for couples involving one or two masculine women and gay male couples. My personal experience has been that men seem the most threatened by gay marriage. That is outside of extreme Christians. Even the extreme Chrisitian protestors at Seattle pride were predominantly male. It's like in part that we are stomping on the straight males territorial ground some how. I'll stop ranting now.



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