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I am neurochemistry's bitch.

Just when I'm having a pretty good day, and getting a handle on what my professional and personal priorities really are, my eyes suddenly start to fill up for no reason, and I feel listless and life feels futile.

I am also Mary Fucking Sunshine. Sorry guys. I've got an appointment with a cognitive behavioral therapist next week, so I can straighten out my messed up head some. So you can't say that I whine without doing anything to try and fix it, at least.

There are actually lots of things that I'm grateful for. I can even actively feel the ways in which some of those things alleviate some of the psychological distress. So that's probably an indication that I'm not in a clinical depressive state.

For example, I think it's really lovely that there is such a thing as "feedback poetry".

Pursuant to that, here is an example of some slash fiction that doesn't suck: Here and Here (the second being a sequel to the first.) These brief pieces (very tame, and entirely SFW) are by the incomparable troyswann, who also wrote me glorious SGA femslash for my birthday (which is probably somewhat less SFW). She could write circles around the people who actually get paid to write these shows, IMO.

I think E and I are going to make the effort to come out of our little protective shell and be sociable this weekend. We'll probably be at both Freaks United and Kabi's 4th party. So perhaps we will see some of you.


Jun. 30th, 2005 06:45 pm (UTC)
Oh, sweetie, that is so, so, so cool of you! Got your message, and your "nefarious delivery plan" sounds perfect. Are you going to be there? Will you be at Kabi's? We happen to have just gotten the living room back in livable order, so if you needed crash space anytime this weekend, you are very welcome. You still have a key, right?

A thousand thank yous. And, also, I am looking forward to visiting Charm City Central with all kinds of anticipation! *smooch*
Jun. 30th, 2005 06:53 pm (UTC)
Excellent - nefarious perfection we shall have.

I will indeed be there -- maybe not at the very start, but definitely gonna be there. What time were you guys thinking of making an appearance?

Ditto at Kabi's, and thanks for the crashy offer (I'll probly be coming back home in between, though -- just 'cause I loves my home so much. I miss it when I'm not here. :>) (I do indeed still have ze key :>)

Visit: *Yay!*



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