Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

GIP! (also, yaaar!)

Hee! I hurt myself laughing at the source pic for this icon. That little girl ain't afraid of no dumb donkey. It goes on the list of things that make me feel better no matter how depressed I get. Along with "Jump in da Line" and Indian mango pickle.

For the record, E believes he stole it from Kangal's LJ, but can't recall the ultimate source. Just stating that up front.

Tomorrow, I have to go pretend to be a pirate. I need to be careful not to over use my "avasts" and "belikes" and "ye scurvy dogs". For awhile there, I was thinking of asking mirandakali to take my place for me, so I could just hide in the corner and drink banana rum. She's a real pirate. But then I found my pirate hat (the one with all the lace and stuff, that kitteblue made for me) and E and I started making funny props, which resulted in some hilarity, and I've decided I want to be a pirate after all.

I know nobody reads LJ on the weekend, so you probably won't see this until Tuesday. But nevertheless, I hope y'all have a fantastic summer kick-off this weekend!
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