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Just let me ask you this; are you able to envision that little Christiansen twerp fighting Samuel L. Jackson and winning?

Me neither. Nevertheless, I'm gonna go see the thing. I'm helpless.

It's recently been brought to my attention that both the original Star Trek and Star Wars are pretty much crap. I never claimed that the dialog was stellar or that the acting was remarkable. It's just that they were science fiction, and at their time, they were the only game in town. SF in print was already well established, of course, and of much higher quality. But if you wanted visual spectacles and things blowing up (and I have always been a fan of the BFE*) where else were you gonna go? What can I say. I am in many ways a 14-year-old boy.

It's also been noted that Stargate SG-1 has a lot in common with Star Wars. Perhaps not the least of these similarities is the way the SG-1 Powers That Be heavily cut their "meaningful dialog" budget, and pass the savings along to their special effects department. A Wheadon joint it ain't, I'll confess. Which is probably why I read a lot of SG fanfic, and not much Buffy fanfic. Buffy doesn't need the "plot spackle**" to fill in the gaps where the profound personal moments should be. Everything I wanted to see was right there on the screen.

None of this explains why I consistently prefer the strictly explody, Big Cool Spaceship SF shows to the ones like Farscape, which has actual character arcs and believable relationships. In addition to Big Cool Spaceships. I'm starting to think that I don’t want much depth with my SF. Real interpersonal stuff is messy and sometimes ugly. I'd guess I'd rather keep it kind of shallow.

Er. Yeah. Anyway, sorry to ramble. And thanks very much to those of you who picspammed me yesterday. Anyone who has nifty images is still encouraged to post 'em or email them to me. I will make you an icon! I'll be your friend forever!

*for the uninitiated, that's Big Fucking Explosion
**props to E for this eminently useful term.


May. 27th, 2005 04:13 pm (UTC)
You know I hate to dis Trek. It's just that, except for Nimoy, the acting really was pretty awful. And the writing was usually no better than mediocre. But you have an excellent point about the social commentary. And I still love it dearly for the basic concepts on which it's based.

Me, though, I'm a girl. I like relationship fic with the occasional BFE

Ultimately, the fic I read is pretty heavy on the relationship stuff, too. And I honestly think that my delicate, girly nature is part of the reason I've lately been avoiding shows with much interpersonal stuff. I just don't have the constitution to handle the painful parts anymore. For example, when "The Body" first aired, something broke in me. Ugh. Ouch. Don't like the hurty stuff! I also tend to steer away from fic with "angst: warnings.

so I'm drawn to the Whedonverses.

Oh, me too. Joss stuff, as I have stated repeatedly, if far superior in most ways to the Gateverse, and most of the other entertainments I indulge in. I guess I just tend to prefer to let Joss tell the stories. Not at all sure why. Maybe that'll change eventually.

This is why I can't mock people who read all sorts of romance novels.

Of course you can, silly! Fanfic is art. Bodice-rippers are trash. *nods vigorously*
May. 27th, 2005 04:23 pm (UTC)
It's just that, except for Nimoy, the acting really was pretty awful. And the writing was usually no better than mediocre.

Oh, that's true, but compared to WHAT? I mean...Lost in Space? Buck Rogers serials? Bonanza? The Twilight Zone tended to be better quality, but they didn't develop the same characters over time, so it was a different game.

*nods vigorously*

*kisses you on nose*



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