Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

So, it would seem the Pentagon is on fire again. No new attacks or anything, it just spontaneously started burning from the damaged section about 10 minutes ago.

Eric and I had been settling down to try to sleep at about 9:00, which is very early, but we were exhausted. The phone rang, and we missed the call. I looked at the caller ID, and discovered that it had been my boss, Linda. Upon checking my voice mail, I learned that much of the southern half of DC will be inaccesible tomorrow, so we can't park in our garage. Also, there is a slight chance that the building will be shut down all together by the Secret Service. I am to call the main number for the Institute tomorrow to find out.

Jebus. I am actually dreading the possiblility that I won't be able to go to work tomorrow. After listening to voice mail, I couldn't sleep, because the ongoing disruption in my routine is seriously getting to me. How long with this go on? Just when we were starting to normalize a tiny bit, it's worse again.

So I go up to the livingroom to try to watch some TV, and right before my eyes, the Pentagon starts to smolder. Again.
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