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Some thoughts. They ramble and stray.

Pretty much everyone with an LJ has already linked to The Darth Side, but I want to take a moment to sing its praises. It's really just dazzling. Made me cry like a baby. Made me laugh out loud. Made my skin tingle. If you're one of those people who believes there's no such thing as good fanfic, you need look no further to be proved wrong:

"The Force has shaped this life of mine, from birth to this holy now."

Incidentally, here is an interesting interview with the creator. He has tremendous, spicy brains.

A little known fact: quite a few fanfic writers are also published authors in their own right. Seems like professional writers like to play in other writers' sandboxes from time to time as a sort of exercise or recreation. I am currently reading a novel by one of my favorite SG-1 slash writers. I have to confess a fear I'm having about that: her main female character describes a sort of a dislike for women. And she herself is (so far, anyway) not very likable. And I'm beginning to wonder if this might reflect a touch of misogyny in the author herself.

Sigh. I spend all this time arguing how slashers are not woman- haters, and are not perpetuating sexism in fandom. I'd really hate to have to eat my words.

I'm so weary of woman-hating-women. It's infuriating when you're having a nice conversation, and some woman perks up with the old "I really don't like women, because they're so catty and insincere" routine. She will then go on to explain how she's always been much more comfortable with men, and has hardly ever had any close friendships with women, thereby endearing herself to any men that happen to be standing around. It's as if they feel they need to affiliate themselves with the group in power by distancing themselves from their own femaleness. Like Stockholm Syndrome.

I certainly have gone rather far a field from praising The Darth Side. Well, it's my LJ. If you don't want to hear me bitch, go read the funny, angsty thing.


May. 23rd, 2005 08:32 pm (UTC)
Yeah. It's funny how often I've heard people say "oh, wow. I think I've actually *written* some fic" when they recall that Star Trek episode they wrote in a creative writing class, or the alternate ending they scribbled when they hated the resolution to some X-files episode. Even movies, like "Rosencrantz & Guildenstern Are Dead" can be fanfic.

I think the impulse to tinker with our favorite universes is very human.
May. 23rd, 2005 10:26 pm (UTC)
i'm personally fascinated by the idea that a fiction can become so inspiring that it attracts the imaginative power of individual creators like iron to a magnet. it happens so often, once you think about it. comic books, role playing games, mythology; famous examples of fanfiction sources include don quixote (there was a second, anonymously written, novel written about don quixote when a sequel was not immediately forthcoming, which cervantes repudiated in the real sequel) and the trojan war (the aeneid was fanfiction, as was the inferno), alice in wonderland, king arthur, beowulf, shakespeare (although the last four beg the question of whether a revision of setting counts as fanfiction). the list goes on, really.

i think that the urge to tinker is powerful, but even more powerful is the ability of the writer to capture the imagination.



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