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I want to interrupt my incessant prattling about Beltane to solicit some opinions. Have you noticed how prevalent is the notion that only centrists are reasoned and sane? How often do you hear someone say "I think both parties are nuts. The only reasonable position is the middle one."

I'm gonna call bullshit on that. I think it's intellectually lazy. What people really mean by this is that the only good opinion is one that has been carefully considered, and that's certainly true, but simply adopting a "moderate" or "middle of the road" position isn't the same thing. It's a cheat, and it's no substitute for actually thinking.

I'll also point out (and you knew this was coming) that I think this is a device used more often by the Right these days. "Fair and Balanced," right? The GOP is the voice of the infallible "center" and those crazies on the Left are insufficiently moderate. This is the single most boldly marketed message coming from the Right these days. The pronouncement of their supreme even-handedness.

I've seen a lot of ads on the Metro lately listing the most extreme circumstances under which abortions occur, and asking if abortion rights have "gone to far." That's just the most disingenuous load of crap. Those people aren't concerned that we've "gone to far". They are simply trying a slight of hand to distract the public from their extreme (yes, extreme) agenda in which no woman has the right to an abortion.

OK, I could go on, but I'm beginning to sort of ramble around the issue here.

Anyone wanna argue with me? I'm truly very interested in contradictory opinions (how moderate of me!) because I am still trying to solidify this concept in my mind. And hearing other peoples' thoughts is one way we liberals inform ourselves, ya see.


May. 10th, 2005 12:18 am (UTC)
when that someone doesn't consider this a decision they should mull over and that they can have as often they want at the expense of the public

And I have to add that this is patently outrageous. As often as they want? Have you really thought about this at all?

No woman goes through the pain, expense and inconveniece of an abortion for sport. It's always a terrible experience. It's just comic when people pull out the old "as often as they want" routine, because that's a dead giveaway that they know nothing about the procedure and how it affects women.

I'll gladly concede the point that it's upsetting, and women should think to themselves "wow, this is going to be upsetting" before walking in. But when you say "as often as they want" you give yourself away. You reveal that you're not talking from a place of wanting to protect women from a bad experience. You are talking from a place of blaming women for doing something bad, which they should at least have the decency to feel guilty for.

Full disclosure: my feeling are hurt and I'm ranting. I'm not interested in hurting you back, but I am feeling backed against the wall, and like I have to defend myself. When you start deacribing the situation in terms like "should be able to stroll down the street and have at their leisure" you have taken this out of the realm of reason dialog and into the realm of fighting.



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