Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

What can I say that hasn�t already been said? I�m sick with grief, enraged, exhausted. I�m more angry now than I�ve ever been with those who persist in believing in make-believe supernatural deities. Such people did this thing (largely to impress and win the favor of their god). Such people will now retaliate (in the name of Jesus) and countless more innocent people will suffer. I feel like I might deck the next person who says �American lives� with emphasis on the "American". It�s LIVES, you jingoistic morons! People have died. By the thousands. People who were not personally responsible for making anyone suffer. Now it will happen again as we seek retribution. What we should be doing is trying to find ways to make our people safe. Instead, we will waste our energy on vengeance.

Good old vengeance. Which brings back the dead, and makes everything OK. I�m just sick with all of this.
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