Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Hell week

Well, not really. I mean, it'll probably be a tougher than average week, but I've got a four-day weekend ahead of me, and I get to spend it with a bunch of really great folks. If it weren't for the super long hours I have to put in for our General Membership Meeting, it would be a cake walk. I usually manage to avoid having our Beltane event the weekend after the Meeting, but I blew it this time. Ah, well. I had the sense to take the following Monday off, so I can crash and burn.

Fandom girlfriend is here. Yay! Spent much of the weekend with her, watching vids and cuddling, etc. So good to have friends who've known you so long and so well. She helped to drag me through so many harrowing periods in my life.

And while I'm on the subject of things for which I am grateful, let me mention my fantastic husband. We continue to have vehicle failure issue. E continues to persevere, and fix most of the problems himself (with the help of several friends, including Mr. N, X and X's dad, the charming and talented Baron P. Thanks, guys!)

Gah! Four days and counting... who wants to do my job for me, so I can cook and sew all week?
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