Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Outrageous Fortune

I was pulling on my boots to leave the house this morning, when E came back inside and told me to email the office. Dead battery. Bollocks.

We called AAA, who came pretty quickly, and told us that there wasn't enough water in the battery, and he couldn't jump it. Lovely. So, E was saying "how much do you think a cab to the Metro will cost?" when the door opens, and it's mercurialgirl! That very moment!

Not only does she share with us information about how to rehydrate a battery, but she is willing to lend us her car! She will stay at our place for the day, sewing and keeping our cats company, and we can get to work sooner than later, and without the expense of a cab. Wow.

The Universe bitch-slaps us with one hand, and then delivers us the perfect solution on a platter with the other. It's a mystery.

This weekend promises to be exhausting (as ever) and also loads of fun. Apart from one little wedding at which we have to make an appearance, it's all good. Finishing sewing projects, working on Magnificent Spectacle Dessert, visiting the Country Estate (provided the truck works) and seeing fandom girlfriend. Yay! I am content.

And I'll post pictures of more sewing projects and, since you insist, my new hair do tonight.

And check out the cool new icon my honey made me.
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