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Random Thought Dump

Ok. Ok. Uh. Right...

Got a ton of sleep last night. Passed out around 8, briefly awoke when man came to bed around 12:30, then slept till nearly 8. So easily 11 hours. This is a direct result of getting virtually ZERO hours on Sunday night. Honestly, I went to bed around 4 AM, lay awake for two hours, and then dozed fitfully till 7 or so.

The moral of this story is that no matter how much sewing needs doing, I have to learn to sleep normal hours and take breaks. Or I'll get sick on the eve of my most challenging work-week and most ambitious event-weekend of the year. Can't have that.

So, sewingfilter: Chemise, leather jerkin, trousers and dinky-dolly li'l baby dress are complete. Except for grommets. The tiny dress is so kawaii, I could make myself ill with the cooing.
I should post pictures. Except that I'd have to stop sewing long enough to figure out how to hook the camera up to the PC. Gotta do that, though. So cute!

So, what's left to do is minimal. Gotta run up one simple skirt for myself, and engineer a trouser solution for my boyo, X. Who seems to have unusually delicate belly-skin. Gotta grommet everything and do a tad of mending and a lot of laundry. Then all that remains is to pack, to do a minimal amount of advance cooking, and to tackle the Marvelous Spectacle Dessert that I'm planning. Gah. That last bit is worrying me. But it's my own fault for not focusing more attention on it earlier. Anyone who feels like helping with that is welcome to volunteer (*sobs!*).

On to another item: E and I were talking about fandom and sexuality, which lead to a discussion of general issues around sexuality, which lead to E saying "It's well known that lesbianism is a gateway queerdom." Which lead to me laughing uproariously. Cause it's true.

It seems that lots of lesbians read and write m/m slashfic. That's interesting, and very unexpected. What I want to know is if any genuinely straight men either read or write it? And if so, what sorts of things are they getting out of it, given that they presumably aren't getting a visceral kick out of the m/m sex?

There's at least one guy who wrote a large body of femslash in the SG-1 fandom, who then started branching out into group situations, and has lately moved on to some strictly m/m bits. So, gateway queerdom, I presume.

There's more, but I've got boring, boring work to do. Blargh.
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