Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Home is where you hang your enemies

Here's a list of the 28 most loathsome people in DC It's hilarious. Here's what he says of Robert Novack: "when he walks over your shadow, you lose a piece of your soul." I couldn't agree more.

He's too hard on Ian MacKaye, though. And, although he has a good point about how go-go fans need to knock off the killing each other, I wish he wouldn't add to the bad press. I love go-go. It is our indigenous music, as jazz to New Orleans, and while I confess I'm not brave enough to attend any live shows, I feel the need to defend it. When I moved back here from Milwaukee in '91, the first time I heard some guy pounding out those syncopated beats on some plastic trashcans, it brought a tear to my eye. Dee to the mutha fuckin' cee. Maybe we have all the charm and warmth of a big northern city and all the sophistication of a small southern town, but ya'll can have San Francisco as far as I'm concerned. No offense :)

Also, did I mention that kabistani's in the house? Well, she is! Friend her. Maybe if enough of us do it, she'll take off her shirt! Yay!
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