Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I've been feeling tremendously motivated to do creative things lately, but strangely not so motivated to study security laws. It's...it's like I'm a stranger to myself!

Must really get back to doing massage regularly, but not until I've worked out the nasty neck and shoulder issues that have been plaguing me lately. A word of wisdom to body workers; get massages, don't just give them! Your body is your toolkit, and it needs regular maintenance. I haven't had a full massage in a year, but that will change this weekend. Oh, yes.

E and I have been watching Rose Red this week (it's being shown as part of the Sci Fi channel's "We Got Nothin'" month). I don't know how close the mini-series is to the book, but it sure seems like a tribute to Hill House. In fact, Shirley Jackson is even mentioned.

I've never been a big fan of Julian Sands, but I really like him here. I think age has improved him, as it so often does with actors. E points out that he would have made a brilliant Constantine (*sobs for lost opportunities*).

E's remark about Sands' character's demonstration of his abilities: "Oh, look. He's scrying in his beer again." *rimshot*

OK, here's a question. I'm too lazy to make a poll for you to fill out, so just comment if you have an opinion. Should my new Ghawazee coat be in shades of red and orange or purple? And should I go with velvet or some kind of brocade? I'm stumped.
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