Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I'm not normally the sort to be depressed on my birthday, really.

Some random ways I've been entertaining myself, to keep my mind off of my strangely depressive mood:

I like food blogs. Especially ones that update frequently, offer useful recipes and interesting ingredients, and that are preeeeeetty! This one is probably the prettiest I've ever seen.

It seems that fandom likes Tara (yay!) but not Fred so much (huh?) Also, people aren't inclined to befriend souless vampires (the ones with souls are OK, though), evil lawyers, or former gods. Here are more statistics than perhaps you strictly need about the Buffyverse. You can also weigh in about the Gateverse if you have opinions about those characters.

And, hey look! It's
Adrien Paul, naked in a pool, making out with some guy. Wheee! Need I mention that this isn't particularly SFW? I probably need not. Nothing overtly pr0n-like, but there's a naked butt. Thanks to Tafkar for bring this to my attention.

Now I'm gonna go home. And eat Indian food. Thanks for saying such nice things to me today, folks.
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