Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Blossoms and velvet (and lilies and remains...)

At last, we are having a beautiful spring day in our Nation's Capital. I took my annual walk down by the Washington monument (known in our family as the Goldsmith Obelisk) to inspect the developing cherry blossoms. I was strolling around the Mall, surrounded by the early wave of pastel-clad, be-camera'd tourists, listening to Rose Garden Funeral of Sores on my new MP3 player. That's surreal.

Anyway, the blossoms have reached what we blossom experts call the "peduncle elongation phase" (say that five times without smiling). I am more or less pleased with their progress, given that it's been very chilly. But if we don't get to the "puffy white phase" by the weekend, there might not be blossoms for my biiiiiirthdaaaay! That won't do.

Can someone contact the proper authorities and arrange for some warmer weather, please? Thanks.

Also, I was just googling around looking at Ghawazee coats and ran into this. So now I want to buy velvet and lots of matching trim. With all my expendable income. Grumble.

Other images of Ghawazee coats:
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