Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

The Sewing Machine is my Beeyatch

...see, I can say that when I'm at work and it can't hear me. But seriously. I seem to have finally hit some kind of critical mass where I have spent enough hours bent over the thing that I can force it to dance. I've learned to sit on the floor and use my knee on the peddle like kittyblue does. I rarely have to pin anything together before I run it through, although I do when I'm shaping around curves, of course. I'm just having such a blast with sewing. This is at least partly because I've gotten started far in advance of Beltane this year, so I'm not rushed.

I'm making an Irish Dress and a Leine, and I might tackle a new Ghawazee coat as well.

Oh, and the other fun thing I did last night was make this icon. I mention it, because it is obviously unrelated to sewing, but I feel it fits as a creative endeavor. That's probably my favorite Shep moment so far. Love his habit of naming Wraith.
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