Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Have I mentioned recently that my boy is wonderful?

Despite a really terrific weekend, I had some fairly bad Sunday night blues. We'd had Easter dinner with E's family. I guess, as much as I want to be on board with the whole friendly, accessible in-law routine, I can't help feeling very vegetarian and very non-Christian when I'm sitting in a stodgy restaurant, watching old people eat ham. So I was grumpy and pouty as a result.

So, E decided to give me my birthday present more than a week early; an MP3 player! Hurrah! I no longer have to look hopelessly dorky carrying around a cassette tape walkman. No more skipping CDs! I can have hours and hours of songs strapped to my wrist. I cannot tell you happy this makes me.

Now here's a question. Let's assume for the moment I don't want to steal music (cause I'm an upstanding citizen like that, or some junk.) Anybody know of a good music service that sells MP3s that don't suck? I've poked around at a few of the bigger ones, and it looks like there all full of poppy chart-climbers of various sorts. Nothing edgy, nothing old, no World Music or obscure stuff. Where do I buy good MP3s?
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