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I'm on week seven of my exercise schedule, with Eric acting as my personal trainer. It's going well. We just added a clean and press to my weight routine.

Going to TJ instead of a friggin yuppie meat-market like Gold's has made all the difference in my willingness to go. I actually like being there. The nostalgia for the place is actually pleasant. And it's full of grandmas and fat folks and families, instead of lunk-head, steroid-popping body nazis and uber-thin, hostile, preening aerobo-bots.

We went out to "Purgatorio" last night, which is a goth night held at Dr. Dremo's pub (which used to be Bardo). Since it's about 5 minutes from our house, it's reasonable to expect to be in bed by 11:30 or so, which is the only motivation that will get us out on weeknights. It's funny how the kids these days dress up so much. There were quite a few corsets and velvet jackets, etc, which seemed odd at a beer pub on a Wednesday evening, in the middle of suburbia.

Oh... the big gossip of the night... Dirk is planning to marry his girlfriend. Will wonders never cease? I'm truly glad for the old boy. I wish him nothing but the greatest happiness.
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