Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Important Beltane info

Ugh. OK, I've got this event to run, so I figured I'd pimp it here, since it's going to be the primary topic in this journal for a bit.

We're having our (roughly) 13th annual Beltane event at The Land Celebration this year. (At least I think it's 13th. I believe it was 1992 when Jennifer W and I started doing the camping-out events, and that's where I'm counting from. The holiday itself, of course, is far older, but let's not split hairs.)

If you're anywhere near the DC area and think you'd like to attend a relaxed, medieval feasting and camping event on the weekend of May 13th-15th, go here and sign up. I'll need to approve you, but I'll do that directly (provided I like you, of course.)

I must extend my thanks again to Xian for working out details with the owners of The Land Celebration. Apparently, the way it works is that there is a $100 fee per day for us, as a group, to use the site. Then, it's $15 per day, per person. It seems that they are counting the daylight period as a "day" rather than an overnight stay. It's all very complicated.

At any rate, we've negotiated a bit of a group rate, and it breaks down to this:

If you come Friday and stay till Sunday, the fee will be $28.00. If you show up on Saturday, it's $18.00. That should more or less cover the $100 site fee per day as well, meaning X, Allie and I don't have to suck up all that extra cost.

Now, we have the question of dancers. I have a tentative yes from YaMeena of Martiya Possession for a performance Saturday night. I'm not yet sure how many of the troupe will make it, so the cost will be either $300 or $400. If I assume I'm dividing that by roughly 25-30 people, everyone will need to tack on an additional $10 to have the dancers. I can't afford to handle much more of that cost myself.

I personally adored their performance last year, but I need to take an informal poll here and see how many of you will be willing to pay that much. Furthermore, I need to know who's coming this year.

I know everyone prefers to leave their options open until the last minute, but I IMPLORE you to RSVP this time. If you can't come, or you feel the cost is to high, say so. If you think you might make it, but you prefer to keep your options open until the last minute, would you kindly *also* say so? That way I can keep a "might be there" list. Feel free to email me privately, if you like. You will contribute greatly to my peace of mind if you will let me know whether or not to expect you.

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