Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Oddly Chipper on a Monday

I suppose it's stating the ridiculously obvious to say "I hate Mondays". Isn't there even a song about that? But I really, truly do. More so, perhaps, than many people. I need only look at my paper journal to see how consistent the pattern is. But this morning, I'm bloody Mary Sunshine for some reason. It's appalling. Bounce!

Maybe it's because I can feel the approach of Spring despite the cold. Maybe it's the sleep deprivation kicking up my serotonin levels. Who can say.

Anyway, down to business. I have two text-heavy icons today. The first is the long-promised Jareth icon, for my dearest eac:

It's perhaps a little drab, but I think it's legible. Hope you like it, sweetie!

This one is for corwynj. The interest is, obviously, H.P. Lovecraft.

I actually have some Photoshop brushes made from photos and silhouettes of old Howard Phillips, so I considered going with that. But, ultimately, Cthulhu is such a crowd pleaser that I couldn't resist going that route. Use it in good health, Corweenie.

Oh, also...E managed to get our new scanner working last night, and I've got a biiiiig box of old photos. So if you have ever had a camera pointed at you in the last 15 years, you might want to start thinking about bribes, just in case it turns out that we aren't above blackmail.

Just in case.
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