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Work is requiring me to actually pay attention, Dad has been in town for quite a few days, and a bunch of big, personal projects are beginning to gear up. So, here are some random things in no particular order.

My fandom is all crunchy-granola. *loves RDA to little rakishly charming, yet soft-hearted pieces*

It appears that we're returning to The Land Celebration for Beltane this year. You guys remember Sowelu (sp?), the uber-flaky but very sweet proprietress? Apparently our loud and drunken behavior didn't cause them to hate us, so we get to go swimming again. Hurray! Banjo frogs!

I am so, so grateful to my Airy Girl and my bro, cjpetherick, for his persistence in getting a hold of the nice hippies.

Finally, a note to myself, and a request for design help: It may seem like a statement of the obvious, but it's often so far from one's mind when there's a problem to solve... It seems that the key to being happy is learning to observe discomfort without becoming attached to it. If a person can just calmly watch the discomfort, and strive to understand it without letting it control her thoughts or actions, she doesn't have to suffer from it.

That's a tenet of Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, as well as of Buddhism. It is easier said that done, but it's also often easier than it sounds. If only I could remember it, as I move through my days.

Would any of you highly artistic types care to design me an image that symbolizes this concept so I can get a tattoo? I'll gladly pay or trade for it. It'd be a very precious thing to have indeed.

Now, back to my comfortable but meaningless job. Ah, well.


Mar. 10th, 2005 05:03 am (UTC)
it's a very hard lesson to learn, watching people make mistakes or go through pain and discomfort -- or hell, going through it our own selves but learning how to keep perspective -- but realizing that that's a part of learning and growing, and allowing it to happen. most of us wouldn't be the nifty people we are if we hadn't gone through some of the unpleasant crap we've been through.

i think you're well on the way to learning how to step back, though. you're still very, very empathetic, which is occasionally to your detriment (because seeing pain makes you hurt, plain and simple, not for any complicated mysterious reasons), but you seem to be a lot more able to detach than you used to be. at the same time, you wouldn't be the wolf we all know and love if you weren't empathetic to some degree. you bleeding heart commie pinko, you. >;)



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