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A few items from this morning's Post

First: Eartha Kitt is 78 years old? WTF?!?! I mean look at her!

Secondly: Since we can safely eliminate the possibility that a Justice of the SCOTUS is a clinical moron, we must assume that when Kennedy says that if an atheist happens to walk by a display of the Ten Commandments in a public place he should just "avert his eyes," he is deliberately missing the point. I could harp on the blatant disregard of the rights of the non-religious, but even that isn't the applicable point here.

The point is that artifacts of religious doctrine do not belong on official display in public places. Anyone who truly cares about their church's autonomy ought to be fighting tooth and nail to keep it separate from government if they have any idea what's good for it. Even if the current crowd in power seems to support your views, how can you be sure they will always do so? How do you know some whim of the ruling powers won't smell like heresy to you if the winds start to blow the wrong way?

Aw, hell. You see, this is why I haven't been posting about politics much since the election. I feel so helpless and frustrated, I just start rambling. Preaching to the choir. I think I should make a resolution that I only get to prattle on about this stuff after I have taken some kind of concrete action to change the thing I feel like griping about.

So. In happier news, my wonderful Dad is coming to visit us tomorrow. Yay! He's here on business, which means my Step-Mom won't be here (bummer). But I get to see the paternal person, and that rocks. Then on Saturday, Morrigan! Hurray!

What do you say we officially start the weekend about a day and a half early?


Mar. 3rd, 2005 10:21 pm (UTC)
But who will do something about all the drive-by covetings, and graven images in our schools?



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