Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

OMG Mood Swing Yay!

Ah! How I love caffeine. You know, a while back there was a study done* demonstrating that ER nurses who drank coffee regularly were far less likely to commit suicide or suffer serious mental break-downs than ER nurses who did not.

No, I can't site my sources! What am I, some boring, socially comatose academic? ;-)

Anyway. Coffee is liquid courage. I am actually feeling equal to the day, despite it being cold and slushy and gray.

Hey, did you know that you can listen to Michael Shanks talk dirty without even having to pay? (Hey, E, you should tell the Wee Sodden Rat about this.) Scroll down, and click the mp3 links. Mmm. NSFW!


Happy Birthday, surreallis!

I am grateful to LJ and to Stargate that I got to make your acquaintance. I would write you fic if I, you know, ever actually wrote fic.

Perhaps more later, now... to be productive!

*Battle cry of the uninformed: "they've done studies!"
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