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Huh. Via utforsker. Equally offensive to mainstream Monotheists and Pagans. Yet possessed of a very discomfiting bit of truth. Thoughts, anyone?

Also, today is the 7-year anniversary of my first day working at this organization. Why does this make me queasy?

Some people get motion-sick; I get inertia-sick.


Feb. 24th, 2005 04:37 am (UTC)
Re: I ramble for too long
"[Jack] believe[s] there is an invisible pink unicorn under [his] desk."
1. Hm, that's interesting. I wonder what he's getting at.
2. Jack is saying this. I know Jack to this point has said that he doesn't actually believe in IPUs.
3. He said that he believes (feels or emotionally perceives) that there's an IPU under his desk.
4. Why did he say this, when I know he doesn't believe in IPUs? Might be a joke, might be a hallucination, might be a statement of changed belief.
5. If Jack says that he believes this report, either he's telling the truth or lying. Since there's a logical paradox in the U being both P and I, and -- knowing Jack -- there's more credence to the possibility of a joke (and thus a lie). However, if the statement is taken at face value, either a hallucination or a statement of new belief, the report is true: he does believe that there's an IPU under the desk.
6. Given all that's been said up to this point, I'm inclined to think it's either a joke, a breakdown, or -- slimmest chance -- some sort of change of belief.
7. Depending upon context, I could react to the report differently. As a joke/lie, I could laugh, ignore, or get peeved. As a hallucination/truth, I could be concerned. As a new belief/truth, I become interested.
8. Give all that's been said to this point, it's possible that Jack believes that there is an IPU under his desk (for one reason or another). Without more information, I cannot determine if you're taking the piss or making a forthright statement.
9. If I become convinced from further context that it's a joke, I either laugh or ignore the report. If I become convinced that it's a hallucination, I urge Jack to seek help. If I become convinced that Jack actually believes such a thing and is otherwise lucid, I either talk to him about this insight, or I ignore it.

Does that help?




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