Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Ooh. Harsh. (Warning: Fannish)

Just watched Citizen Joe. No spoiler cut, cause it's aired everywhere now, and I won't spoil much. I wish I'd bookmarked the commentary from all the Brits, Canadians and downloadin' mutha fuckas when it first came out so I could see what people had to say at the time.

I loved the Stargate-Simpsons connections. I appreciate the right of the writers to lampoon the fans (hell, we lampoon the show). But there were a few serious zingers; "So that's why the stories were so easy to write! Someone else did most of the work for me." Ouch. I personally was deprived of an opportunity to serve in our fanfic corps, due to a debilitating writing phobia. But I felt that.

Love Dan Castellaneta. He sounds nothing like Homer, except that you can vaguely hear the shape of the vocal cords on the vowels. I wish RDA would appear on the Simpsons.

Uh. More SF now. That is all.
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