Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Icons: Happy Couples

Today in icons, we have two shiny, happy couples. Don't they look sweet? Of course, both story arcs end in tragedy sooner or later, (we will let the reader take whatever message from that he or she chooses) but at these moments, they are happy.

For papertigers I have a Willow/Tara icon. This covers a number of interests, including Buffy, lesbians, girls, paganism, etc.

The other is for tafkarfanfic. Yes, again. I guess I just love her best!
It's a Daniel/Sha're icon, by special request. Theirloveissosandy!

I keep trying to add clever things to this one, and eventually left it pretty simple and straightforward. They are too beautiful to need much ornamentation anyway.

It's eerily quiet downtown today. Hope everyone is enjoying the fact that the gorram coronation inauguration is over. Take some Vitamin B if you're suffering from a "drowning of sorrows" hangover. And just keep reminding yourself that 4 years is pretty short in the cosmic scheme of things.
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