Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Delayed Gratification

Tonight we have gone three days past the required 2 weeks of Phase One on our diet. There's a funny thing that happens toward the end of Phase One, and I bet folks who do Atkins induction experience the same feeling. You kind of dread going off of it. At last, many of your favorite things that have been forbidden for 14 days are allowed... but you've kind of learned to get off on the deprivation by now, and what if you can't restrain yourself from over-indulging?

Well, E and I have decided to break the fast properly tonight. We have had a moderate Phase One dinner. But now, there is a bottle of red wine and a bar of Special Dark chocolate waiting for us in the kitchen. Ohhhhh, baby. Between us, it won't be an excessive binge. It'll be just the right reward for being so good for so long. And I'm posting about it first, just to make myself wait a few moments longer.

Damn. Delayed gratification is the bomb. Think I'll go make E do his marital duty in a little while :)
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