Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Weird creepy dreams

Night before last involved an old roommate being crazy and insisting that there was a thing in the living room that was freaking her out, but refusing to say what it was. I eventually figured out that it was a poster of Johnny Depp (WTF???). Also, there was this strange sort of dress rehearsal for a Masonic ritual going on. Many pastry chefs were involved.

Last night, I was trapped in the Natural History Museum, which is a place that holds a certain dread for me. Curators kept catching me napping in little alcoves and throwing me out of them. Eventually, I found this little courtyard garden full of fantastic plants and flowers, and I discovered something there... but I can't recall what it was.

Winter brings me strange dreams. Maybe it's a consolation for the depression. But, in fact, the depression hasn't been so bad in the last month I guess. I am eating better than usual and staying productive. Playing with Photoshop has been keeping my drive to create things happy. Nevertheless, I ache for spring. And I'm already thinking about gardens.
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