Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Hail to the Thief

My office is at 14th and H Streets, so it stands to reason that we'll be closed on Inauguration Day. To much of a security risk to have the building full of unaccounted for individuals. I can barely stand all the "Thanks You Mr. President" banners I see around town already. As if DC ever voted other than Blue.

So I have that day off. I can't decide if I want to stay home and mourn, or go downtown and rage. Anyone else have plans?

This weekend looks like a lot of home improvement, and continued convalescence from the Creeping Crud. I plan to get to back to Photoshop soon, as well. I really like the icon practice I've been doing as a way to slowly wade into it. These little 100X100 pixel images are like visual haikus. The very constraints of the medium force you to be more creative.

Also, only four days left on Phase One of the South Beach Diet. I can just taste the strawberries and the thin-crust, whole wheat, low-fat pizza. I am taking this opportunity to pat myself on the back for staying on the wagon through sickness, in the middle of winter.
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