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Here's my horoscope for this week from Free Will Astrology:

Cut out the following testimonial, Aries.
Photocopy it 50 times and hand it to anyone
who's in a position to advance your Grand
Experiment. Dear Big Shot: It is with unabashed
glee that I recommend this hot-blooded self-
starter for the jobs of alligator-wrestler,
fire-eater, icon- smasher, fun-generator, or CEM
(Chief Executive Maverick). Due to a benevolent
conspiracy of astrological influences, this
uncanny innovator is currently oozing courage,
nerve, and a what-the-hell, try-anything-once,
hold-nothing-back feistiness. If there's a task
you're too timid to try yourself, assign it to
this go-for-broke pioneer.
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