Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Happy Sigh

I'm hard pressed to think of how last night could have been better. The show was incredible. I am a total groupie for Ego Likeness. I love every one of their songs, and I squeed out loud when they played "Faded Flowers". Voltaire commented on how "being a gothic dad is something else". He played a lullaby he wrote to comfort his son when he's fearful of the dark ("good night little demon slayer") and everyone just caught their breath, it was so sweet.

I got to hug and hang on all my beautiful girlfriends in their holiday finery. I had a pleasant and almost flirty moment with someone who used to hate me. Someone insisted on buying me a drink. A number of people from my high school years, whom I rarely see, were visibly having a blast. On our way out the door, I was embraced and given an unexpected and absolutely perfect Christmas present.

This is how holidays are supposed to be.

Also, my mother in law just called to discuss Christmas plans. Man. I actually utterly adore my mother in law. I know there's some kind of cosmic law that forbids that, but I don't care.

OK, I'm signing off now, before I sicken you all :)
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