Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

While I fully intend to fill every icon request I've received, it might not happen real soon. Yesterday E and I accompanied the Mother-in-law up to Pennsylvania to visit the Family Home Town. Never been there before. It was... enlightening. Quaint. Nice, in a way. We stopped off at a roadside fruit stand for apples and greenery. We're going to make a spooky, yet festive wreath for our door. Purple and black. With bats, natch.

Today was Spooky Book Club. Poe, part II. If you haven't read How to Write a Blackwood Article and the accompanying story A Predicament: The Scythe of Time you must do it right away. I howled. I hurt myself laughing. I knew Poe could be funny, but I'm actually starting to think he was kind of a forerunner of Dougglas Adams. Sort of like Lawrence Sterne. (Although he regrettably demonstrates the racism of his time. I can only gloss over that so much.)

We've been shopping, laundering, caulking, scrubbing and cooking since we got home. I'm making soup and some vegetarian sausage things, so I won't have to cook too much during the week. We'll be spending most evenings on the couch watching science fiction for the rest of the month I suppose.

Because we're slow and unfocussed during this period of time around the Solstice. It is the way of the land, in winter.
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