Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I am actually very busy at work, and should be focusing instead of posting. And, of course, I have nothing of value to post anyway. Um. Look, I made my first fannish icon! I'm eventually gonna do an Illyria that says "I wish to do more violence" and a vamp!Willow saying "This world's no fun" as well. This time of year, I outta get plenty of use out of those. Sigh.

Were you aware that you can get away with saying "chickenshit" on TV? It was SG1, so it was the Scf-Fi channel, rather than network. But they're always bleeping milder things, like "god damn." You can say "chickenshit" but not "god damn"? That strikes me as odd.

So. Yeah. Nothing to see here really.
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