Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Friday is blocking my view of Venus

I have a very exciting weekend planned. We get to hang out with the Arkhams tonight (all too rare a pleasure). Then Allie and X are bringing to baby over tomorrow morning for a visit. Yay, Morrigan!

Tomorrow afternoon, we settle in with tafkar for a day and a half of geeking and general hedonism. And I will have earned it after this damn week! In fact, I think you all should have pity on me for having to sit here writing these stupid questions about mutual fund transfer agents. Entertain me! Or I'll never make it to 5:00!

Also, a fannish aside: while preparing for our geekorama, I was informed by Netflix that people who enjoyed Stargate SG1, Season 7, Disk 5 also enjoyed Queer as Folk. Hee. In fact, I've been informed that this year's Mid-Atlantic Leather Festival had an SG1 theme. So it's not just me :)
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