Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Seethe. Hate.

Oh, how I resent having to do actually brain work. Take a moment to imagine this:

You've got 20 pages of material on shareholder voting practices in front of you, and you are required to not only fully grasp these concepts, but you also have to compose questions that will really test someone else's comprehension. The questions have to be easy enough to answer from the text given, but not too easy. They have to be interesting enough to keep the trainees attention, but not too "creative" or your stodgy, ultra-conservative audience will freak.

Gaaaaaaaaah!!! Remember how I was saying that I was too comfortable here, and that I'd never get my certification at this rate? Scratch that.

In other news, if I owe you an email, beta, phone call, etc, I'll try to get to it this afternoon sometime, but please forgive me if it takes me till tomorrow. I am in hell.
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