Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Monday morning brain dump

Even by my standards, this was a fairly strange weekend. I smell a bit like ferret, and I have rug burn.

Happy birthday to both birthday girls! Thanks for throwing such cool shin digs. I regret having to miss the Norse Feast, but I did get to hang out with a lot of fabulous folks I rarely see. I also had the rare pleasure of having someone other than me bring up Stargate at a party! I'm simply giddy about that.

I was observing to E this morning that I have reached a point in my work-life where I no longer especially mind being here. My office is cozy. I have a door that closes, net access and free coffee. I suppose I would still be in bed right now if I had my druthers, but if I have to be awake, there are far less pleasant places I could be doing it. And the "html-to-proofreading" ratio of my duties has improved a lot recently. So I am content.

Also, corwynj is in the house. He's everybody's favorite gay, Cajun lumberjack, and he makes amazing gazpacho! Go say hi.
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