Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

...And more...

These are mosttly just thoughts I'm trying to organize for my own purposes, but I'm not doing a cut, because I would be happy if any of you fine folks wanted to offer some input.

How do we reach Christians who fear that their way of life is at stake? There may be literally millions of people who believe that Kerry would have outlawed the bible. They've been lied to, and we know that. But they're not going to trust us when we tell them.

Can we close the "gun gap"? By which I mean, can we moderate the most rabidly anti-gun segment of the progressive movement, and try to find common ground on this issue? I believe we will never win over working class rural voters unless we can. And I've seen progressives turn sharply right just because they enjoy shooting, and felt unwanted by liberals because of it.

Where do we learn to spread virulent memes like the bad guys do? "Kerry is a flip-flopper." "Kerry is the most liberal member of the Senate." We never nail them with sticky tags like that. Should we? Do we lose our souls if we do? Can we win if we don’t?
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