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I have to go and take some computer-based training thingy at the NASD this afternoon, starting at 4 PM. This is a bit of a drag, because it can take as long as three hours to complete, so I might be looking at a 10 hour day. In fact, 9 hour days have been becoming more and more commonplace for me, so I guess this isn't such a big deal. I guess, as I get older, I'm coming to resent any extra time I have to spend doing things that aren't especially meaningful to me.

Sometimes I wish I were a monomaniac about something. I wonder what it's like to be completely absorbed in a single passion, and therefore not have to make any decisions about "which direction to take in life." Like those people who knew from the age of 6 that they were going to be surgeons or astronauts. Or, I suppose, like heroin addicts. Ack.

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