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Nov. 3rd, 2004

If you're feeling incredibly despondent and adrift, here's some bitter medicine that might make you feel a little better (in a teeth-grinding, banished-to-Siberia kind of way.)

"This race was lost, if it was lost, because millions of religious single issue cult-like voters turned out to vote in red states for a man they have unyielding faith in, even if that man and his party are about to lead this country into an abyss. And the Democratic Party has built an electoral strategy around a base and geography that cannot compete with that cult at this time in our history. People much smarter than I can argue about why a minority in this country can take over a major political party, marginalize its moderates, and still win 50-51% of the electorate at a time of an unpopular war, mediocre economy, and a questionable future for our children. "

I want to draw your attention to the bolded bit because I do not believe Republicans in general are the enemy here. I think that the Republican party has been co-opted by a reactionary fringe that are using scare tactics and twisting people's most deeply held beliefs to manipulate them into supporting their very un-Republican agenda. I think Christians should be appalled by the way these extremists have used tenets of their faith to blind them to the practical realities of what this administration has wrought, and what it will do in the coming years.

I think I should shut up now and try to simmer down before I attempt to think about this any more.


Nov. 3rd, 2004 07:53 pm (UTC)
The difference is, of course, that it's a lot easier to manipulate religious fanatics into falling in line than it it to do the same with intellegent progressives. It's a lot easier to terrify people with talk of killing babies and the downfall of family than it is to make them understand the long-term consequences of unjust law rooted in a single theology.

Maybe Michael Moore is right. Maybe the only way to win is to use the tactics of the enemy, to appeal to emotion and fear rather than fact and reason. To reduce things to black-and-white instead of believing Americans are capable of discerning shades of gray. It kind of defeats the point of having a democracy, but I'm not sure the people even WANT a democracy any more. If they're so determined to create an oligarchical nigh-dictatorship, maybe we should be offering tha alternative of a benign one.

I mean, take a look at the middle east. The most progressive Arab nation right now is Jordan, which is essentially an absolute monarchy. It is progressive because the absolute monarch is progressive. He realizes that his people aren't ready for, and don't want a democracy, and indeed that democracy would likely lead to a brutal theocratic regime. So he basically IMPOSES a pseudo-liberal, pseudo-civil society on his people, since he knows it is the best way for them to live.

Live free or die, as it were.



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