Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

w00t! I am on vacation in 30 minutes, and I am feeling magnanimous. You wonderful people deserve some cool Halloween treats, just for being such funny, supportive, engaging and talented friends.

Here's a fun and creepy time waster for those of you who have to while away the time between now and Samhain at the office.

For some truly unsettling reading, check out Nethescurial by Thomas Ligotti, who is an unsung hero of horror. Usually more atmospheric than gory, Ligotti really drags you into his deliriously morbid world. Poppy Z. Bright calls him "a prince of dark fantasy." Plus, he's done some recording with David Tibet and Current 93. So, you should be reading him, don't you think?

And if you want more sp00ky literature, you can find enough to choke a Hellmouth at Blackmask's Gothic: "Stories of the strange, the terrible, the macabre."

I'll post some more fun stuff tomorrow. From home. And I'll probably be naked.

Happy Halloween!
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