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High Stakes 2004

In the end, we compromised. Eric really didn't want to go, so I went with Lorelle and Rob, and Eric stayed home. It was tremendously cool to see L and R, so that was a fine arrangement for me.

The party was a little awkward, as virtually nobody knew each other. You got the feeling that the hostess (although she was lovely) must not have had a lot of friends who were Joss fans. The crowd was mostly made up of Kerry supporters she'd never met before. I tried suggesting that we do introductions before the call started, but no one seemed enthusiastic about that. Oh well.

The call itself was short. Just a little over 20 minutes. A bit disappointing. Allyson Hannigan and Amy Acker were in the booth with Joss, so we got to hear them say hi. Allyson mentioned that Emma Caulfield is voting for Kerry, even though she's a Republican (yay!) We got to hear "hellos" from Nicholas Brendon, Alexis Denisof (who's real accent I had never heard before) and Nathan Fillion (who made a cute remark about looking forward to seeing what happens in this country when we stop making our decisions on the basis of where the oil is coming form).

Joss talked a little about Serenity. Seems that Inara and Sheppard Book are no longer on the ship (!!!) but will be in the film. That should be interesting.

When asked about who Spike would vote for (if he were, you know, alive and not English, and therefore qualified to vote) Joss replied "Let's talk about Spike for a minute. He is SO hot!" He then went on to speculate that, although Spike is a decent person, he likes a fight and hates apathy, so he'd probably go Nader.

Although he will not (repeat, not) be directing the next X-Men movie, if he were involved in future X-Men projects, he wants us to know that he would put Wolverine in a yellow spandex thong. I'm... not sure how I feel about that. Hugh Jackman is nice to look at, but he does seem to have an awful lot of body hair.

Here are some photos from the LA event.

I haven't found a transcript of the call, but if you watch Whedonesque I would imagine they'd be the first to have it.
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