Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I saw the squirrel again. The creepy Elder Squirrel. Just yesterday at the corner of Constitution and 14th. It was putting the smack-down on an ordinary squirrel. Just flipped the poor little guy over and trounced him. This was no mating ritual either. It was a brutal beat-down.

I think it's interesting that this little squirrelly aberration hangs around near the Commerce building. Makes ya think.

I seem to be more or less back to myself again. Whatever that means. And for better or worse. I think I may be able to be productive and interesting again soon, but I'm not making any promises.

Also, crossover fic? I'm normally not a big fan, but this is quite a nifty, short Firefly/Buffy piece. Very conceptual, and entirely porn-free, so read it at work, and stick it to the man!
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