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I haven't been dreaming for the past two months. I'm finding it disconcerting. So, I've complained about this to a few dear ones, and I wonder if the Universe has responded by showing me dream-like images in my waking life.

It's a very drizzly day, so that makes a good backdrop for the odd. I was stomping around near Commerce (they have lots of liriope and impatients planted there) when I saw a strange squirrel. He was very light in color. I've seen one or two albino squirrels down here before, but this guy almost looked like he was some kind of Elder Squirrel who had survived way past the years of normal squirrels. His standard issue squirrelly brown had given way mostly to silver streaks, and half his tail was gone. His eyes looked kinda, I don't know, psychotic? Some suit walking near me eyed him and got out of his way, so I know I wasn't hallucinating. Rabid? Demon squirrel?

So I walked on, and came to Pershing Park where I used to ice skate as a kid. The big fountain that serves as the skating rink in winter has been allowed to get all full of algae. There's this wild patina of greens on the bottom, and the water looks an almost Lovecraftian shade of fluorescent yellow. Hard to believe it wasn't photoshopped. Then there were all these perfectly normal looking ducks just floating around in there, with their bills tucked under their wings, sleeping. Like they weren't floating in something from another planet.

I've sometimes thought that when I see wildlife, I'm having some kind of truth revealed. I'd like to think that I'm on the right track today.

Finally, as I neared my office, I looked up over Farragut Square, and there was that ghostly white blimp that's been up there since at least this weekend.

This is like, a day directed by David Lynch or something.
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