Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

American Indian Summer

I walk around downtown DC almost every weekday in the early afternoon. Today I had the good fortune to do so with a few of my favorite people, which was lovely. We wanted to catch a little of the opening celebrations for the National Museum of the American Indian. The weather decided to get sultry to welcome the autumn, so I was a tad overdressed for a romp on the Mall. But, hell, it beats working, so I made it a 90 minute lunch.

Got to see my darling Allie and Morrigan, the later of whom was very hollery. Poor lamb. I'm given to understand that this is not uncommon for those little humans who haven't yet adjusted to the crushing pain of this mortal coil. Well, she sure is cute. Tetsuo and Little Eric are cute too, if a bit more ambulatory these days. (Where does the time go!) Tets was stalking squirrels with a camera. Oh, and Paris is also cute.

Maybe this is morbid of me, but this time of year makes me feel the big, red target painted under my feet more acutely. I mean, I really love DC, and I'm not about to move away just because this administration finds it an expedient scare tactic to raise and lower the color-coded threat level at random. But this is one of those days when I wish I worked a teensy bit farther away from the White House.

This time of year also means Light Box, and Eric is my Lucifer. I wake up every morning to the thump of our Ultrlux II hitting the mattress, and Eric reminding me that 20 minutes or so will do me good. For some reason, I usually just rolled over and went back to sleep last year, but I've been a very good girl about it this time around. I think it's helping. So far so good. Ask me about it in January, though.

Oh, and Happy Mabon!
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