Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Man, it's like shooting fish in a barrel, what with the Internet and all.

Multi-fandom image-geeking inside. If you are one of those folks who finds this kind of thing tiresome, please just scroll on by.

Taking a cue from tafkarfanfic, I set myself the task of finding gently suggestive images of same-sex, non-canon pairings, and limiting myself to one image per fandom. This only took me about 15 minutes!

All safe for work. No manipulated images.

Firefly (Aww :)

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (actually, I suppose this one is sort of canon.)

Buffy(why does this remind me of that Sid and Nancy in the alley picture?)

Angel (Wish this one were better resolution)

And here's the one for Stargate, which inspired tafkar and me in the first place. (It's a promo photo, though, so it's kind of cheating)

And here's a tip... do not under ANY circumstances, do an image search on any two male character names from LOTR at work! Gah! You can flush your cache, but the memories remain.
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