Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

I am awed. My husband is so amazing.

Please do me a really big favor, and go listen to This mp3 ericrowe recorded. He did it using this little digital recorder I bought to use at school. It's the same one Allie used to record some of the birth rehearsal I couldn't attend, and that is amazingly appropriate, I think.

But, not to get away from the topic at hand, please listen to the song. It's a cover of a simply gorgeous Ego Likeness song, and I confess I worried that it would suffer from the loss of Donna's glorious, honey-like vocals. I don't think it did. It's very different, and it sounds very rough, but it is just as moving. Sigh... of course I don't expect any of you to positively swoon at the sound of his voice, like I do. I realize I can't be objective. But nevertheless, it rocks.

I just can't articulate how proud I am!
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