Fenriss (fenriss) wrote,

Image stuff, etc.

I dyed my hair VERY red last night. Eric likes it. It's pretty much a freak shade at the moment, although I figure it'll be much more timid in a week's time. My hair throws off reds real fast.

My extremely cool VP at work says he likes it. Makes me look like a "Twenty-something." Nice guy... he didn't know I wasn't. And he calls me "Rache," which I like. He's sort of paternal.

Although I have not lost nearly as much ass as I'd like to, it seems I've lost enough to qualify me for objectification. I got two (not one) wolf whistles from passing cars on route 50 while doing yard work this evening. I hate to be accosted. But I suppose it's an indicator, isn't it? I flipped them off, like I always did before I started gaining the weight.

There are issues around losing the weight. It's part of the reason I delayed so long in getting started in earnest.

In lighter news, I find that solitary yard work with the walkman blasting is as good as solitary walks with the walkman blasting. I feel like maybe I'm sliding in the introverted direction lately. Haven't been this turned-inward since high school.

Does using the term "walkman" make me old?
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